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July 2, 2021
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pubg new state latest update is a completely different game even if the name of the game is similar to the first version, and it follows a mechanism and gameplay that fans of the original game may not be aware of  .

Here’s everything we know about PUBG: New State so far. PUBG new state is a new mobile game that takes players to the year 2051 for a whole new way to experience the war for which PUBG is famous. Information about the difference between the new PUBG State game and the original PUBG Mobile game is short on time The current map, but we know from the trailer that the new map is called trio. It is not clear at the moment what is going on in PUBG: New State, but tencent has dropped some information and starting points to describe the gameplay in PUBG Stat.

What is the way to play in pubg new state?

Similar to both the PC version of PUBG and PUBG Mobile, the new state PUBG will see players drop onto the battlefield and forced to fight their way out. The new PUBG New Stat will show a completely different map, known as the TROI, which includes a lot of new points of interest and other elements that help explain how the world of pubg has evolved, and the company promised players a new experience for mobile users from Android and iPhone.

For those of you who used to play pubg mobile 1st edition, there shouldn’t be anything too different about the gameplay glimpses we’ve seen. You’ll still be using a lot of your screen to move and direct your character, with access to reloads, changing your position, and how you aim on screen. It is not known exactly what accessories pubg new state will support, but it is possible that pubg new state pubg new state will feature phone controller support, so don’t worry by fans who prefer to play more comfortably, just wait for pubg download new state The new game and you will definitely be impressed.


What is the difference between pubg mobile and pubg new state for android?

PUBG New State

is a battle royale game with a futuristic backdrop and set a few decades after PUBG, 2051. Players will parachute into a brand new battlefield – Troi, the city that has been pushed into the age of darkness.

Unlike the old global version of PUBG Mobile, players in pubg new state have many ultra-modern firearms to fend off their enemies.

Drones, ballistic shields have been added to New State PUBG for Android, and more to give players the feeling that they are playing something new. Besides the new gear, players can also expect a few new weapons, including a grenade launcher and more shooting mode choices for some weapons.

New cars will also make their way to pubg new state, with the aforementioned drones displayed alongside helicopters that look incredibly futuristic. Other than that, it is unclear what new aspects we will see in PUBG: New State that distinguish it from its predecessors.

PUBG NEW STATE ببجي نيو ستيت apk obb xapk aab
PUBG NEW STATE ببجي نيو ستيت apk obb xapk aab

Can I download pubg new state pubg for android?

PUBG NEW STATE REGISTER FOR ANDROID: The closed alpha version of pubg new state is now officially released for android users, so if you have an Android device, you can register now. All you have to do is fill in some information regarding your previous battle royal experience and your Android version, and you’re all set.

Only US android users can pre-register, and selected players will be notified by email between June 10 at 12 AM ET and June 13 at 11:59 PM. iOS fans looking to play will have to wait a bit, as testing is expected to start at a later time.


When is pubg new state coming out?

PUBG New State does not have a release date at the moment, but according to the company’s social media post, the developers are targeting this year 2021.

When will pubg new state be released?

PUBG New State does not have a release date at the moment, but according to the company’s social media post, the developers are targeting this year 2021.

Download pubg new stae on the computer 

Download pubg new stae on the computer in a few days, we will provide you with the link soon



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