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Download BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG MOBILE INDIA  APK for Android There are many games in the market, but only some of them can have a huge impact on users in Android online games, PUBG is the game that has had a huge impact on players and the market, however there are also many One of the problems players face.

What is the PUBG MOBILE INDIA game?

BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG MOBILE INDIA APK for Android is the best online multiplayer battle arena, it provides the best action- based game platform for users to play and enjoy in their spare time.

Some versions are limited to a specific country, but there is also a generic version available for users, the global version can be used by anyone around the world who can play games and enjoy their free time there are also millions of Indian gamers.

Instructions for downloading BATTLEGROUNDS PUBG MOBILE INDIA APK for Android

However due to the conflict India bans some apps including PUBG-M. All the fans and players were disappointed with the situation, which is why the authorities started creating a special edition for India users only, known as BattleGround Mobile India Official.

  • The development of the Indian version started a few months ago and many features and services have been added for the users. The main game and theme are similar to the other versions of the game.
  • You will get all your achievements from the old global version account; So no need to worry different communication events have been added, including all local and national events in India.
  • Players are given different free offers and opportunities during these events, there are many cool features to add for users to discover, there is completely different information about the release date of the game available in the market.
  • There is no official news about the Battleground Mobile India release date, but there is news about the game, there will be news of the game’s launch this month, which means you can play again.

Features of the PUBG MOBILE INDIA

Many great features will be available to download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK for Android but you have to wait a few days for access until then, we have a trial version that everyone can play and improve their skills.

  • Free to download and use.
  • The best multiplayer gaming platform.
  • Various combinations of weapons and characters.
  • Multiple maps and game modes.
  • Various weapons and character skins.
  • Access your old account with all achievements.
PUBG MOBILE INDIA apk obb xapk aab تحميل ببجي الهندية
PUBG MOBILE INDIA apk obb xapk aab تحميل ببجي الهندية


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A trial version will be available for you to download and test your skills, if you want to download the trial, find and click the download button, the buttons at the top and bottom of this page, tap on it and the download will start automatically.

  • First connect as you wish with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Choose a name for your character in the game and choose her character and appearance.
  • Choose your country.
  • start the game.
  • There are 4 different maps in the game: Erangel, Sanhok, Mermar and Vikandi and you can play any of them.
  • Gameplay The game is divided into 3 single, double and quad game modes.
  • You enter the game and wait 60 seconds for it to start.
  • The game starts with 100 players.
  • You go to the place you want to mark on the map and parachute jump from there, you can follow one of your friends to land with them as he parachutes, without having to control.
  • You can enter the facilities and houses and bring weapons, you can find them in the field, you collect them The way to victory for you and your team is to eliminate all the players so that only the entire map remains.
  • There are also tracks where the plane crashes into a random place every two minutes, and there are different weapons inside that you can only find inside.
  • The zone is a forbidden zone that you have to get away from before you can commit suicide, the zone is getting stronger every time.
  • You can also wear a helmet and shield for added flair.
  • You can gain weight faster and in less time while driving.
  • You need to assemble the gun so that you can control it well and not shake.
  • Weapons are divided into [SMG-AR] Each type has its own traction and cutting.
  • There are also snipers who need a bucket to easily control them.


  • Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK for Android Join a three-player team and engage another team in exciting 3-minute battles in the MOBA mobile battlefield, unlike other MOBA games, there are no tournaments or breaks in the mobile battlefield as players keep playing Until the battles are over.
  • The maps are much smaller than other games for a simple reason: the goal is not to destroy enemy fortresses or use multiple machines, but to collect energy cubes, displayed on the map, the team with the most dice after 3 minutes wins.
  • Players can upgrade their hero between battles and increase their health, attacks and special abilities. As usual, there are some characters that are not available at the beginning of the game that you can unlock as the game progresses.
  • Mobile Battleground is a fast-paced MOBA that has a unique but very entertaining gaming experience , whether you’re playing against other players online or simply against AI-controlled opponents.

Finally Download BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA APK for Android, if you want to have online



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